Things to consider when hiring an SEO


For many people outside of the industry, hiring a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant can be a daunting task. One of the main reasons for this is the number of SEO’s who falsely claim to be able actually to optimise your site correctly and get you results.

The Internet is now an important tool for any business. Due to the number of websites and companies that are now online, is it any wonder that there has been an increase in the number of SEO ‘Consultants’ over the last few years? There is no doubt that the demand for good SEO practitioners is high and personally, I feel that the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is entirely relevant to this niche.

The problem with so many SEO’s is that simply don’t have the skills to carry out an SEO campaign effectively, and yet they still charge premium rates. The other problem, however, is that many businesses go for the cheaper option which ends up in tears as the campaign doesn’t live up to expectations.

So how do you choose the right SEO?

Firstly, check to see how their web site ranks within Google. If they can optimise their site, there is a good chance that they know what they are doing and their methods are effective. This is especially true for SEO companies, who operate in a very competitive field regarding search results. The thing to remember here is that each industry is different. That’s right. While techniques remain the same some industries are considerably more competitive than others in the search engines – so will the cost of your campaign give you enough hours to compete with the top dogs in the listings?

Does your potential SEO offer just Google results, or do they throw other search engines into the mix as well? It’s important that they don’t just focus on one search engine – after all why cut off a % of searchers that might end up putting the online business in your direction?

If you are a small business, with a small budget, then you should consider local SEO. This would mean that you can get a presence on Google for localised search terms (e.g., Staffordshire Plumber). This route would probably see quicker results and ROI for your business than just optimising for the term plumber. After all, even if you ranked number one for the term plumber, is it likely that a search in Inverness is going to land you a job? Highly unlikely.

There are some tricks and promises that you need to remember to stay away from. Some of this include:


  1. Promises of certain positions within the search engines
  2. Submissions to 1000′s of search engines on a regular basis
  3. Still not sure? OK – when you speak to your SEO make sure you ask them a few searching questions:
    1. What sort of metrics do they measure the campaign on?
    2. Does the proposal look solid, built on common sense? Have they offered suggestions on how their campaign will help your site or is it very much cloak and dagger? SEO isn’t a secret so your consultant shouldn’t make it one. Find out what techniques they are using.
    3. Do they promote silly guarantees such as No.1 in 24 hours?
    4. Have they provided you with keyword research, showing you keywords that will actually drive you relevant traffic to your website.
    5. Does the campaign include optimisation of your existing web pages, link building, social media, metrication and Search Engine Marketing or does it just pick certain elements out of these?

Don’t be afraid to ask for samples of the consultants work. See if they have any testimonials and if possible contact the companies that they have worked with to get a better picture of their methods. Usually, if the consultant refuses to give you references it’s a sign to walk away.

One of the bets ways to find the right SEO Consultant in Kuala Lumpur is to get a recommendation direct from an existing customer. This is something that I have been very successful with in the past.