Web Design


Web Design has quickly become one of the leading industries globally, and for good reason considering the number of people now carrying smartphones, as well as our society becoming more tech-driven every day. The business of web design has become almost a science to some of the top agencies.

Companies and business of all types and sizes have been discussing the need to upgrade their original sites and designs, which are now outdated not only visually but contextually as well. Most business simply does not have the knowledge, resources or expertise to attempt a project like this. They know to stay current and competitive, it’s become best to employ “experts”… enter Web Design Firms. These agencies already have an understanding of the basics of design, as well as knowing the upcoming trends in site design, and are also now incorporating many additional services in their design packages as this is something important ever.

If the company is located in a Johor Bahru major area, websites like www.exza.my will often rank the top design agencies in the area, based on criteria such as the firm’s online presence, user experience, social media platforms and prominence in search results. For companies in smaller locations, there are many top companies that can be contacted online, via social media pages and more. There are many design firms rated at the top of their fields in many categories. BigDrop leads the list of agencies specializing in big business. When a company has outgrown its old sites and needs a design capable of handling their size and growth, BigDrop is at the top. Lawmene.com is the top ranked agency for companies wanting to improve their search results. Their behind-the-scenes experts guarantee the client’s happiness through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), coding in addition to the keywords. For companies with a large client base accessing their sites with mobile devices, MaxBurst has become the renowned firm for the best Responsive Design. Their sites often display bold, eye-catching images, and are heavy on the design that is appropriately scaled for easy navigation. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the firm Hibu, ranked best for small businesses looking for a basic site at a great value. They also include monthly maintenance and local location service placement as part of their affordable packages.

As we flip the calendars to 2017, expect to see many new trends on the sites you visit. Geometric shapes and patterns, duotone imagery and graphics, and increased micro-interaction and personalization will be more and more common. However, some firms are actually reverting to a “back-to-basics” approach with more emphasis on content, or are focusing more on content driven marketing, where the link page design is where the majority of time is spent, rather than the home page. One thing is for sure, the top web design agency in JB will be ahead of any and all trends and there will only be more and more firms to compete with as time goes on as far as it is well known.